How One Group of Dads is Leading the Revolution For Our Youth

Dads on Duty USA

After a high school in Louisiana saw 23 arrests in 3 days from in-school fighting, an innovative group of dads stepped up to make an impact. And it worked!

Dads on Duty organized 40 men to take shifts on campus. Students arrive to school greeted by dads who combine corny jokes and tough love to create an environment where students succeed.

Since their shifts have started, there have been zero incidents at the school. Almost two dozen arrests to zero incidents in a matter of days!

One student added to CBS News: "I immediately felt a form of safety. We stopped fighting; people started going to class."

What does this tell us?

That there is a clear lack of positive role models in our schools. Teachers and administrators need support now more than ever. Once the community starts investing their time in our schools, the education system thrives.

Positive male mentorship matters!

In an era where many kids don’t have positive father roles, this helps.

In a time where unlimited influences bombard our children, strong male role models make a difference.

When fighting videos go viral, positive dad influence matters more than likes.

When someone finds a solution as strong as this, we have to take note. Imagine a world where every school had an organized Dads on Duty group to lead the generation growing up in uncertain times.

How can you set up this positive influence in your child’s school?

Time spent leading children is the best investment we can make for the future.

Let’s learn from the best and follow suit!

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