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In partnership with global and local entities, we are actively battling human trafficking by employing advanced technology and cross-agency collaboration to identify trafficking networks and assist law enforcement as they work to restore freedom to victims.

Traffickers have mastered the art of exploiting the anonymity and reach of digital platforms to ensnare their victims.

The Internet, while a tool for connectivity, has also become a dark alleyway where predators lie in wait. Human trafficking networks are difficult to track and prosecute and they have more access to our homes and families than ever before.

One afternoon, a tip came in—a 15-year-old girl had vanished from Texas, caught in a terrifying web stretching all the way to Tennessee. Our team sprung in to action and in just 2 hours, we pinpointed her location. But the story didn’t end there.

As we dug deeper, we discovered she wasn’t alone. Another 15-year-old girl and a third young woman, both runaways, were trapped in the same nightmare. By dawn, not only had we delivered vital information to law enforcement that helped bring the girls to safety, but we also precisely identified their trafficker.

This wasn’t a one-time victory. Over the weeks that followed, we worked closely with law enforcement, uncovering even more about the trafficking network. We identified more victims, offered support to the officers involved in the investigation, and helped to ensure proper digital evidence protocols so that justice could be served. Each rescue, each childhood restored, is a testament to what we can do together.

This work is tough, and the stories are heart-wrenching, but there’s also incredible hope. For every time a child returns safely home to their family, there is an undeniable truth: they are worth every resource we have available. And you are a part of this— your support helps to push forward for each and every child that needs us.

Join us in this vital mission. Together, we’re fighting smarter against human trafficking. 


Your support can help identify traffickers and restore freedom & dignity to survivors

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Become a protector
Every child deserves to be free.

Becoming a Protector through monthly giving is more than a donation— it's a commitment to stand with us in the relentless fight to locate victims and identify predators within our local communities. Your consistent support fuels our mission, allowing us to respond rapidly when children go missing.

Why Monthly Giving?

Sustained Impact
– Monthly donations ensure our team has steady stream of resources to respond whenever and wherever we’re needed– for as long as it takes to help effectively. Your commitment helps us execute long-term strategies to support law enforcement combatting human trafficking in communities nationwide.

Maximize Efficiency – Regular contributions allow us to allocate funds more strategically, ensuring that your generosity translates directly into actionable support for law enforcement on the front lines of this problem.

Join our Community – As a Protector, you’re part of a dedicated group of supporters who share your passion for making a difference. You’ll receive exclusive updates and insights into how your contributions are changing lives. As well as a t-shirt, so that you can proudly show your dedication to this important work.

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