Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Law Enforcement Colleagues,

Join us in Jacksonville, FL – March 12-14.
Advanced Investigative Conference dedicated to developing law enforcement professionals in cyber investigations, open-source intelligence, and digital crime scenes.

Engage with experts and develop the specialized skills that make all the difference in our fight against complex digital crimes. Three days of specialized training sessions focused on advanced approaches to modern technological challenges in crime-solving.

Participants will learn not only the latest investigative techniques but also how to apply these skills in protecting the most vulnerable: our children. This skill development is essential for staying ahead in a world where criminals increasingly use sophisticated digital methods.

This year’s Jacksonville conference features a lineup of expert speakers, each renowned in their respective fields. These include:

  • Jim Cole, Chief Law Enforcement Enterprise & Technology, Founder Onemi-Global Solutions, & Retired Special Agent Homeland Security Investigations
  • NCPTF Chief Investigative Officer, Griffin Glynn
    NCPTF Chief Operating Officer, Teresa Jauregui
  • Julie Jones, Founder and CEO of Human-i Intelligence Services
  • NCPTF Deputy Chief of Intelligence, Micah Hoffman
  • NCPTF CEO Kevin Branzetti, and more!

This conference is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a chance to join a community dedicated to making a difference in the investigation of sensitive crimes. Attendees will leave not only with enhanced skills but also with strengthened networks that help to ensure safer local communities and better outcomes for missing, exploited, and trafficked children.

To be part of this interactive learning experience, visit our Conferences page or register here.

About NCPTF Conferences

We bring together members of the public & private sectors to educate law enforcement on innovative ways to tackle crimes involving children.

Our conferences provide a collaborative environment where experts share tactics, tips, and tools with law enforcement. While the conference focuses on sensitive investigations, the tools & tactics taught are applicable to all criminal investigations.