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/kaɪˈzen/ (noun): change for better

From 改 kai – change, revision; and 善 zen – virtue, goodness

NCPTF Welcomes New Execs: CDO Jen Wasem & CCO Heather Dark

NCPTF Strengthens Leadership with New Executive Appointments: Meet Chief Development Officer Jen Wasem & Chief Communications Officer Heather Dark Fayetteville, AR – October 3, 2023 — The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) proudly announces the appointment of two dynamic

Adult holding a child's hand

Help Fundraise for the National Child Protection Task Force

Fundraise for NCPTF: In our ever-changing world, one thing remains vital– safeguarding our children. The National Child Protection Task Force works hard to ensure that children can look forward to brighter futures, free from harm. Today, we invite you to

Teenagers at computer in a school setting

How to Identify Human Trafficking at School

By knowing what to watch for you can help identify at-risk students around you. Victims don’t usually talk openly about what’s happening to them, so it is important for all of us to look out for one another.


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