Who is the National Child Protection Task Force?

We are a rapid-response task force locating missing children, identifying predators, & fortifying law enforcement's ability to tackle complex crimes against society's most vulnerable.

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empowering communities with the investigative acumen and technological resources necessary to help restore justice for kids everywhere.

  • Rapid Response

    Our expert investigators help locate missing and exploited children & identify predators.

  • Collaboration

    We work alongside law enforcement on crimes against children & missing person cases.

  • Resources

    We facilitate law enforcement access to advanced investigative tools & technologies.

  • Development

    Our subject matter experts lead advanced law enforcement skill development.


We are a rapid-response task force that fortifies law enforcement’s investigative abilities with expert support on complex crimes against children & missing person cases.

Our team of experts work to prevent the exploitation and trafficking of children and other vulnerable people. >

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The Need

Last year, the National Child Protection Task Force helped law enforcement locate 194 victims, aided in the identification of 130 predators, and assisted in more than 2,335 active investigations around the globe– and we did it all at no cost to the community.

Learn more about why we do this important work, and how we do it. >

Our Impact

Knowledge Is Power

Protecting kids from exploitation is harder than ever before. As criminals increasingly turn to technology to coordinate, execute, and conceal their crimes, we must stay vigilant to protect society's most vulnerable.

Learn how you can protect those closest to you. >

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leveraging all-source intelligence to save lives

closing the investigative gap

Working alongside law enforcement to help solve complex cases involving missing, exploited, and trafficked children.

The National Child Protection Task Force is a collection of expert investigators providing law enforcement with intelligence, investigative support, and technological resources. Together, we're rapidly solving complex, time-sensitive crimes against children and missing person cases.



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your support saves young lives


You can make a difference in the fight against child exploitation.  By contributing to the National Child Protection Task Force, you’re making a powerful statement that every missing child matters, and that there are people like you who care deeply about their well-being.
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  • Our Approach
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Make a Difference
  • How we do it

    By leveraging innovative technology, the world's most gifted investigators, & all-source intelligence, we help law enforcement find missing children and identify predators the world over.

  • The right people

    The task force consists of the best & brightest from public & private sectors providing investigative expertise, resources, & life-saving action to protect vulnerable children from exploitation.

Our Mission

We leverage innovative investigative techniques and cutting-edge technology to solve complex crimes against children and missing persons cases with speed and precision; working alongside law enforcement to help locate victims, identify predators, and restore justice and hope to affected communities.

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How can I protect my child from exploitation?

Child predators are highly adept at leveraging technology to prey on their victims. In today's world, we cannot protect our children unless we leverage technology as well. Visit our Resources page for helpful resources to help protect children from exploitation.

How can I help?

Your support enables us to rapidly provide free support for law enforcement working to solve cases involving missing children. Your generosity is the driving force behind our efforts to help facilitate hope, safety, and justice in countless young lives.

Join us in our mission to protect all children from exploitation.



Since 2019, the NCPTF has helped law enforcement recover countless survivors of exploitation, identify hundreds of children in child sexual abuse materials (CSAM), and trained tens of thousands of law enforcement worldwide.

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June 2023 | During the fifth annual National Child Protection Task Force conference, a call came in that a young girl was missing.

The NCPTF worked alongside volunteer investigators and conference attendees to provide key information that resulted in the recovery of two survivors and discovery of a third exploited child. The girls were recovered safely in under 24 hours and the suspected trafficker was arrested.