In the spirit of gratitude and recognition, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible individuals whose dedication not only propels our mission forward but also deeply inspires everyone around them. This week, we’re recognizing three outstanding contributors to the National Child Protection Task Force: Kaitlin Rickard, our Volunteer of the Year, Heather Collins, awarded Law Enforcement Partner of the Year, and Ryan Goodman, our Difference Maker of the Year.

Volunteer of the Year Kaitlin Rickard has truly embodied the spirit of commitment and expertise at NCPTF. Her role extends far beyond just participating in casework; Kaitlin leads a team of volunteers, bringing her extensive knowledge of Open Source Intelligence to the forefront. Her leadership is not just anchored in guiding her team but also continually seeking innovative ways to enhance our organization’s impact.

Kaitlin enhances our capabilities significantly, making a profound impact on our collective efforts with her tireless work to amplify our reach and effectiveness in the fight against child exploitation and trafficking.

Our Law Enforcement Partner of the Year, Heather Collins, serves with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, specializing as a Statewide Human Trafficking Intelligence Analyst. Her contributions to NCPTF, however, extend her influence far beyond Mississippi. Heather’s dedication and work ethic are simply unmatched, and she is known around the state as well as the country as one of the best and most tenacious analysts in law enforcement.

Through her collaboration with NCPTF, Heather has been instrumental in driving forward our initiatives, dedicating countless hours to ensure that justice is served and vulnerable people are given the help and support they need. Her efforts led to the hosting of a training event in MS for nearly 80 officers focused on Human Trafficking, which has been the catalyst for dozens of case support requests to our organization.

In every aspect of her work, whether it be training, speaking, or direct casework, Heather sets the highest standards of commitment to safeguarding others. Her partnership has been invaluable in enhancing our operations and expanding our reach in meaningful ways.

Difference Maker of the Year Ryan Goodman brings a rich background from law enforcement, the private sector, and nonprofit work, which has enabled him to integrate seamlessly into NCPTF. His broad experience is invaluable as he leads a team of analysts and provides guidance to other volunteers. Ryan’s commitment extends beyond routine tasks; he actively participates in key events where he shares his knowledge and skills, helping to elevate our collective expertise and approach in protecting vulnerable populations.

Ryan’s role at NCPTF underscores his dedication to not just participating in, but also enhancing the collaborative efforts that make our work so effective. His willingness to go above and beyond, especially in volunteering at in-person events to share his insights, reflects the depth of his commitment to our cause.

As we celebrate these remarkable individuals, let’s also reflect on the power of volunteerism and the profound impact it can have on our communities. The dedication of these three volunteers exemplifies how committed individuals can make significant strides in protecting and healing those in need. Their stories remind us that at the heart of effective change lies the courage and resolve of individuals who dare to make a difference.

Let us take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Kaitlin, Heather, Ryan, and all our volunteers and partners. Your selflessness and perseverance are not just the backbone of our organization; they are beacons of hope that light the paths to safety and justice for vulnerable children.

Thank you, Kaitlin, Heather, and Ryan, for your extraordinary contributions. You both are not only part of our team but also a vital part of our NCPTF family.


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  • Thank you so much for this honor!! We are so thankful to be able to work alongside so many passionate people to protect children!

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