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Child exploitation

As technology evolves, so do the methods of evil people seeking to exploit children online. The digital age has cast a long shadow, under which child exploitation has found a disturbing refuge. From social media to gaming platforms, our children are more vulnerable than ever before.

Through expertise, dedication, and the smart use of technology, the NCPTF helps law enforcement uncover the truth, locate and support victims, and ensure justice is served.

Child exploitation thrives in the unseen corners of our world, exploiting innocence & vulnerability.

Our resolve is tested with every case, challenging us to look deeper, to understand the digital footprint left by predators, and to use every tool at our disposal to bring them to light.

A Complex Web Unraveled: In late July, an agency reached out for help identifying the predator(s) responsible for physical abuse of children and child sexual abuse (CSAM) images. Our team was provided redacted images, the country of origin, and a potential hotel chain to work with. We used open-source intelligence to pinpoint the precise location— a breakthrough that empowered local authorities to recover three victims and arrest of two offenders. This case once again underscored the vital importance of collaboration and trust among agencies.

A Digital Predator Exposed: In another chilling scenario, a young girl entangled in a predator’s promise of money for sex became the key to unveiling a broader scheme of sexual extortion. Utilizing Google data, we not only corroborated the survivor’s story but also uncovered a harrowing pattern: 65 additional girls and women targeted by the same individual. This stark revelation not only facilitated the suspect’s identification but also highlighted the critical role of digital evidence in validating victims’ experiences and holding offenders accountable.

And you are a part of this mission— your support helps to push forward for each and every child that needs us.

Join us. Together, we’re fighting smarter against child exploitation. 

Your support can help locate victims and identify predators within our communities.

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Becoming a Protector through monthly giving is more than a donation— it's a commitment to stand with us in the relentless fight against child exploitation. Your consistent support fuels our mission, allowing us to respond rapidly when children go missing.

Why Monthly Giving?

Sustained Impact
– Monthly donations ensure our team has steady stream of resources to respond whenever and wherever we’re needed– for as long as it takes to help effectively. Your commitment helps us execute long-term strategies to support law enforcement combatting child exploitation in communities nationwide.

Maximize Efficiency – Regular contributions allow us to allocate funds more strategically, ensuring that your generosity translates directly into actionable support for law enforcement on the front lines of this problem.

Join our Community – As a Protector, you’re part of a dedicated group of supporters who share your passion for making a difference. You’ll receive exclusive updates and insights into how your contributions are changing lives. As well as a t-shirt, so that you can proudly show your dedication to this important work.

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sextortion definition
Knowledge is Power

What is Sextortion?

Sextortion is a rising concern in every community and every child who has a device is at risk. Using the grooming process, predators find children they meet in person or online and build a relationship with them.

Unraveling the stages of grooming
Knowledge is Power

Unraveling the Stages of Grooming

Grooming is a common tactic used by predators to connect with victims and gain their trust. Do you know what to watch for?


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