Justin Cook

Justin Cook

Justin Cook serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the NCPTF.

Justin Cook is a seasoned professional with a rich finance, human resources, and operations background. With a diverse skill set that transcends traditional stereotypes, Justin brings a unique blend of leadership, problem-solving acumen, and an unwavering commitment to service to every team he joins. 

Known for his outgoing personality and passion for leading and managing teams, he also possesses a strong affinity for order, structure, and process optimization. Justin's journey in the professional world has taken him through various roles, from small business ownership, where he provided essential financial services to businesses, to leadership positions in nonprofit organizations. His extensive experience in Finance, Human Resources and Operations demonstrates his ability to excel in multifaceted roles and make a meaningful impact.

As the current Chief Financial Officer at The National Child Protection Task Force, Justin continues to exemplify his leadership competence. He leverages his extensive financial expertise and strategic mindset to ensure optimal resource allocation, bolstering the organization's financial sustainability and enabling its vital mission to protect vulnerable children. Additionally, Justin's dedication extends beyond his professional roles, as he actively serves as a Church Board Member, contributing to his community and exemplifying his commitment to making a difference. With a track record of leadership, training, and management, Justin Cook is an invaluable asset to any organization seeking excellence in finance, operations, and human resources management.


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