Teresa Jauregui

Teresa Jauregui serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the National Child Protection Task Force.

Teresa Jauregui brings a wealth of legal expertise and a driving passion for justice to her role.

Ms. Jauregui embarked on her legal career as a prosecutor at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2013. In addition to maintaining a full caseload, she helped found and develop the Mental Health Court in the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court. Following her wholeheartedness to serving the community, she joined the York County District Attorney’s Office in Pennsylvania in the fall of 2016. Throughout her nine-year prosecutorial tenure, Ms. Jauregui demonstrated her exceptional abilities by handling a wide range of serious felony cases, including child sexual assault and homicide, ensuring justice for victims and their families.

Before pursuing her legal career, Ms. Jauregui gained invaluable experience in the field of cybercrime and economic crime. She worked closely with the Cybercrime and Economic Crime Squads at the FBI Field Office in Boston throughout law school. While there, she developed a strong understanding of the complexities involved in digital investigations. Additionally, she had the privilege of working with the U.S. Attorney’s Cybercrime Unit in Boston for the duration of her third year of law school, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in the field.

Ms. Jauregui strongly believed in the importance of balancing her law enforcement experiences with survivor advocacy. She was a member of Northeastern University School of Law’s Domestic Violence Institute where she screened for survivors at local emergency rooms to provide supportive services.  Ms. Jauregui also served as a domestic violence advocate at SafeLink, Massachusetts’s state domestic violence hotline.

Ms. Jauregui’s commitment to professional development is evident through her extensive training. She has received specialized training from prestigious institutions such as the National Computer Forensics Institute. Recognized as an authority in her field, she has delivered compelling presentations on conducting digital investigations and authenticating digital evidence to the Pennsylvania District Attorney Association, National Computer Crime Conference,  National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, Internet Crimes Against Children Conferences, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Furthermore, her expertise was showcased as a participant in the esteemed FBI CART Moot Court in 2021.

Ms. Jauregui previously served as the Chief Legal Officer of NCPTF from 2021 through 2023, offering her legal expertise to law enforcement and prosecutors tackling difficult cases involving digital evidence. In her role as the Chief Operating Officer of the NCPTF, Teresa Jauregui leverages her vast experience and unwavering dedication to ensuring the protection of children. Her legal acumen, combined with her relentless devotion to advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable make her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

January, 2022: ADF Solutions: Meet NCPTF’s Teresa Jauregui: Bringing Awareness to Human Trafficking


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