Griffin Glynn

Griffin Glynn

Griffin Glynn serves as the Chief Investigations Officer for the NCPTF.

With over 20 years of experience in criminal investigations, Griffin Glynn specializes in leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to tackle cases involving missing and exploited children, as well as counter-human trafficking.

In his role, Griffin oversees the extensive casework of the NCPTF, leading a team of skilled analysts to ensure precise and efficient investigations. As an authority in OSINT, he is dedicated to combating child exploitation globally. Griffin has developed top-notch training programs, equipping law enforcement officers with essential skills to fight against these heinous crimes effectively.

Griffin, known as hatless1der in the online community, actively shares his expertise through an OSINT-focused blog, Twitter, and startme page. He co-founded the capture the flag platform, fostering learning and collaboration. As an instructor at MyOSINT.Training, Griffin imparts his knowledge to aspiring professionals in online investigations.

Apart from his work with the NCPTF, Griffin holds positions of Vice President at Clicksafe Intelligence, providing comprehensive intelligence solutions, and President of Hatless Investigations Group, delivering specialized training to law enforcement and intelligence professionals in online investigations.

Griffin's extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and notable contributions to the field of OSINT make him an invaluable asset to the NCPTF. His leadership continues to drive the organization's mission of seeking justice for exploited children and dismantling human trafficking networks.

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