Griffin Glynn

Griffin Glynn

Griffin Glynn serves as the Chief Investigations Officer for the NCPTF.

With over 20 years of experience in criminal investigations, Griffin specializes in leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to tackle cases involving missing and exploited children, as well as counter-human trafficking.

In his role, Griffin oversees the extensive casework of the NCPTF, leading a team of skilled analysts to ensure precise and efficient investigations. As an authority in OSINT, he is dedicated to combating child exploitation globally. Griffin also develops and delivers top-notch training programs for NCPTF, equipping law enforcement officers with essential skills to fight against these heinous crimes effectively.

Apart from this work, Griffin is co-owner at My OSINT Training, dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible open source intelligence learning products to both public and private sector clientele around the world. Additionally, he serves as the Vice President of ClickSafe Intelligence, drawing upon his extensive background to provide critical insights to parents focused on keeping their children safe online.

For years, Griffin has been featured in numerous podcasts, webcasts, and publications around the web, and continues to be a respected voice in both the open source intelligence community, as well as the anti-trafficking & exploitation communities.

Griffin's extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and notable contributions to the field of OSINT make him an invaluable asset to the NCPTF. His leadership continues to drive the organization's mission of seeking justice for exploited children and dismantling human trafficking networks.

Training, Speaking & Publications:

Training/speaking events (Public)
2023 United Kingdom - Internet Intelligence & Investigation Conference (speaker)
2023 Illinois Homicide Investigators Association Conference (Instructor)
2022, 2023, 2024 SANS OSINT Summit (Advisory Board Member)
2023 Mississippi Bureau of Investigations Training (instructor)
2023 Cook County Organized Crime Task Force Conference (speaker)
2023 National Child Protection Task Force Conference (speaker)
2023 International Communications Data & Digital Forensics Conference (instructor)
2023 2x NY Dept of Crim Justice Services – Missing Persons Clearinghouse (instructor)
2023 NW Indiana Sexual Assault Response Team event (speaker)
2022 Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Conference (Presenter)
2022 NY Dept of Criminal Justice Services – Missing Persons Clearinghouse Training (Instructor)
2022 B-Sides Augusta Cybersecurity Conference (Presenter)
2022 Australian OSINT Symposium (Presenter)
2022 National Child Protection Task Force training conference (Presenter)
2022 National Cybercrime Conference (Instructor)
2021 Australian OSINT Symposium (Presenter)
2021 National Child Protection Task Force training conference (Presenter)
2021 National Cybercrime Conference (Instructor)
2021 ILET International Summit on Counter Sex Trafficking (instructor)
2021 UW Tacoma School of Engineering & Technology (guest speaker)
2021 ConInt Virtual OSINT Conference (Presenter)
2021 Cook County Regional Organized Crime Task Force 2 Day OSINT Training Event (Instructor)
2021 Florida SVU Training (instructor)

Media & Publications
2024 David Bombal YouTube Channel (guest)
2023 Needlestack Podcast by Authentic8 (featured guest)
2023 2x Cloak & Dagger Podcast by Sapper Labs (featured guest)
2022 Maltego Blog: Top OSINT & Infosec Resources for You and Your Team (featured)
2022 US Homeland Security Public/Private Analyst Partnership Program whitepaper on Ethics in OSINT Investigations (interviewee/cited source)
2022 Red Seige Webcast (interviewee)
2022 Layer8 Podcast Episode 86
2022 OSINT Curious Project Webcasts (2)
2022 The Security Noob Blog: Interview with Investigator, NCPTF Dir of Intelligence, and OSINT Games Co-creator Griffin Glynn (interviewee)
2021 State of OSINT publication (contributor)
2021 International Law Enforcement Training Network Summit to Counter Sex-Trafficking (instructor)
2021 SecJuice OSINT Radio Show
2021 OSINT Curious Project Webcast
2021 Skopenow Blog: How NCPTF Helps Law Enforcement Find Missing Children (interviewee)
May 2023: Cloak & Dagger: To Catch a Predator with Griffin Glynn (2x guest)
April 2023: Authentic8: 8 OSINT researchers to follow for tradecraft tips
December 2022: The Security Noob: Interview with Investigator, NCPTF Director of Intelligence, and OSINT Games Co-creator Griffin Glynn (@hatless1der)


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