Heather Dark

Heather Dark

Heather Dark serves as Chief Communications Officer for the NCPTF.

Heather Dark, a seasoned marketing expert and executive leader at NCPTF, plays a vital role in boosting the organization's visibility and impact. As a survivor, Heather brings valuable insights and strategic direction to enhance stakeholder engagement, develop meaningful relationships, and spotlight program initiatives that extend the organization's impact.

Joining NCPTF as a volunteer in 2022, Heather brings multifaceted expertise across public relations, corporate communications, and growth marketing, honed from years of work across diverse sectors. Additionally, Heather has executed large-scale community events throughout Northwest Arkansas for 14 years. Beyond her contributions to NCPTF, Heather stands as a fractional Head of Marketing, navigating the complexities of brand and audience engagement.

In her capacity as Chief Communications Officer, Heather leads the organization's media relations, public awareness campaigns, and strategic communications. A key facet of her responsibilities within the org, Heather has created a survivor-centric strategic plan, focusing the organization's mission at the forefront of all growth and outreach.

Heather's passion for building meaningful relationships and promoting sustainable growth, along with her profound marketing knowledge and dedication to the organization's objectives, ensures that NCPTF remains poised to expand its outreach, engage stakeholders effectively, and intensify its protective measures for vulnerable populations.

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