Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman serves as the Deputy Chief of Investigations for the NCPTF.

Micah Hoffman, the Deputy Chief of Investigations at the National Child Protection Task Force, brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to his role. Micah consistently seeks out cutting-edge tools, data, and systems to advance the NCPTF's objectives and, with a strong technical background, creative OSINT skills, and polished presentation techniques, he excels in multiple areas within the organization.

Micah's contributions extend beyond his role as Deputy Chief of Investigations. He is the founder and owner of the online OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) training site, MyOSINT.training, where he shares his knowledge and empowers others in the field. Additionally, Micah co-founded and was the President of The OSINT Curious Project nonprofit organization for 4-years (https://OSINTcurio.us). Known online as "webbreacher," Micah actively engages with the community, sharing insights and fostering collaboration.

Within the National Child Protection Task Force, Micah's multidimensional abilities shine. He not only enhances IT systems but also develops tools for investigators, contributes to case work, and provides comprehensive training to internal and external stakeholders. His all-around performance and dedication to pushing the boundaries of OSINT practices make him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Micah Hoffman's commitment to research, development, and continuous improvement drives the NCPTF forward in its mission to protect vulnerable populations. His technical prowess, innovative mindset, and passion for knowledge sharing make him an influential figure in the field of online investigations.

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