Kevin Branzetti

Kevin Branzetti

Kevin Branzetti is the co-founder and CEO of the National Child Protection Task Force.

Kevin Branzetti is the co-founder and CEO of the National Child Protection Task Force. With a rich 29-year history in law enforcement, Branzetti spent 22 years specializing in terrorism and violent extremism with the NYPD, later joining the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for another 7. At the Manhattan DA's Office, he led major investigations into these areas, including terrorism, violent extremism, and cyber-crime. He ended his NYPD journey in the Intelligence Bureau as the commanding officer of the Cyber Intelligence Unit, where he pioneered the development of a groundbreaking terrorist targeting program. Globally well-respected, he's shared his online investigation know-how with police worldwide and worked closely with major social media companies to create trauma-informed solutions.

Now, at the helm of the NCPTF, Kevin Branzetti's unparalleled leadership and deep-rooted expertise anchor the organization's mission to protect children. Drawing from his vast experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and cyber investigations, Kevin provides a robust foundation to tackle the intricate challenges of crimes against children. Under his stewardship, the NCPTF has emerged as a formidable player against child exploitation, harnessing cutting-edge strategies and synergies to effect real change.

In his role as CEO, Kevin's steadfast commitment to the safety of vulnerable groups and his exemplary leadership skills remain at the core of the NCPTF's mission-driven initiatives. He remains a beacon in the effort to create a safer world for children, confronting and neutralizing the ever-evolving dangers of child exploitation.

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