Jess Smith

Jess Smith

Jess Smith serves as the Special Investigations Lead for the NCPTF.

Jess Smith is a highly skilled Lead Special Investigator with a focus on OSINT and digital investigations in the retail sector. With expertise in national-level theft and fraud investigations, she brings valuable insights and knowledge to her role.

As a Lead Special Investigator, Jess is responsible for training company investigators in OSINT techniques and strategies. She excels in locating and identifying subjects, ensuring safety and security, and conducting e-fencing investigations. Currently, she is actively involved in developing an innovative human trafficking investigative program within her organization. This program aims to identify and combat fraudulent activities associated with trafficking and exploitation.

With a diverse background, Jess has experience in reputational risk assessment, critical and emergency issues management, and corporate security. She began her career at the Minnesota Department of Corrections, where she handled various responsibilities such as managing applicant investigations for the Board of Pardons, conducting internal investigations on sexual harassment and discrimination, and overseeing litigation management and legal services.

Jess holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Hamline University (MN) and a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University (MN). She has also obtained certifications in Interviewing and Interrogation from Century College (MN), Emergency Response from FEMA, Social Media Intelligence (CSMIE), and Cyber Investigations (CCIP) from McAfee Institute.

With her extensive education and certifications and unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of children, Jess an invaluable asset to the task force.

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July 2022: The OSINT Curious Project: Interview with Jess Smith


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