In our ever-changing world, one thing remains vital– safeguarding our children. The National Child Protection Task Force works hard to ensure that children can look forward to brighter futures, free from harm. Today, we invite you to be part of this important mission by helping fundraise for us or joining our fundraising team as a volunteer. Together, we can create a better future for children who need our help the most.

Option 1: Start Your Own Fundraiser

Starting your own fundraiser is a great way to make a direct impact on children’s lives. You can choose a cause that matters to you and use tools we provide to reach your goal. With the support of friends and family, you can spread the word and help protect children in need. Your effort will make a big difference in their lives.

Option 2: Join Our Fundraising Team as a Volunteer

If you like working together with others, being a volunteer fundraiser is perfect for you. Our team is like a big family, all wanting to protect children. You can help organize events and raise awareness for child protection. By working together, we can make an even bigger impact and protect more children.

“While we all wish this work wasn’t necessary, I witness every day the heart-wrenching reality that our children face as exploitation and harm lurk in the palms of their hand.

Technology empowers us to fight back, to trace the footsteps of the predators, and to rescue survivors. However, the urgency of our mission weighs heavily on our hearts, knowing that there are countless children yearning for safety and such limited resources to protect them.

Together, as we raise our voices and rally our communities, we have the power to change the conversation around child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. With unwavering dedication and united action, we can and will create a future where innocence thrives, and children are shielded from harm’s reach.”

The National Child Protection Task Force needs your help.

Together, we can and will protect children and make the world a safer place for our most innocent. Are you ready to be part of the mission?

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