Hanna Gebhard

Hanna Gebhard

Hanna Gebhard serves as Executive Assistant & Legal Coordinator for the NCPTF.

Hanna, the Executive Assistant & Legal Coordinator for the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF), brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Shippensburg University, Hanna has always been dedicated to the pursuit of restorative justice, particularly in the realm of child advocacy.

Hanna's professional journey has equipped her with valuable insights and skills. She has previously worked as a Treatment Technician in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, gaining firsthand experience in helping individuals overcome addiction. Additionally, her time as a Paralegal in the Special Crimes Unit of a prosecutor's office deepened her commitment to child advocacy.

Throughout her career, Hanna's dedication to supporting vulnerable populations has remained unwavering. Her role as Case Manager required a comprehensive understanding of legal practices and procedures, allowing her to effectively navigate complex cases. Now, as the Legal Coordinator for the NCPTF, Hanna's extensive expertise helps to further the NCPTF's mission of protecting children above all else.


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