Expert-led law enforcement conferences that help to ensure investigators and prosecutors are fully equipped to handle any case involving missing, exploited, or trafficked children.

Find the unfindable

Our conferences provide a collaborative environment where experts share tactics, tips, and tools with law enforcement. While the conference focuses on sensitive investigations, the tools & tactics taught are applicable to all criminal investigations.

Our 6th Annual Conference was held March 12-14, 2024 in Jacksonville, FL.

We bring together members of the public & private sectors to educate law enforcement on innovative ways to tackle crimes involving children.

Legal Strategy

Identifying which service providers to obtain crucial information, knowing what to ask for, and how to interpret the results.

All-Source Intelligence

What sources of information are readily available, how to verify data, and interpreting information from unorthodox sources to verify or dispel leads.

Dark Web Investigations

Insights on criminal trends and communities.

Mapping & Analysis

How to map and analyze data from any provider and incorporate it into pattern-of-life analysis.

Breach Data

When and where it is appropriate to utilize breach data to authenticate the owner of a device or account.

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Upcoming Regional Trainings

National Cyber Crime Conference


National Cyber Crime Conference

  • 7:30 AM
  • Norwood, MA

National Child Protection Task Force locates missing girls during conference

June 2023 – During the fifth annual National Child Protection Task Force conference, held in Springdale, Arkansas, a call came in that a young girl was missing.

The National Child Protection Task Force worked alongside volunteer investigators and conference attendees to provide key information that resulted in the recovery of two survivors and discovery of a third exploited child. The girls were recovered safely in under 24 hours and the suspected trafficker was arrested thanks to the tireless work of authorities who conducted the investigation & rescue mission on the ground.
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We could not have asked for a better training than The National Child Protection Task Force offered our agents.
 I have learned so much from NCPTF over the past several years, and I’m glad we could finally host the NCPTF team (in Misssissippi) to share that knowledge.